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June 18, 2019 - 9:47 PM
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Real Estate Lawyers Division

The Real Estate Division (RELD), formerly a separate entity, joined The West Virginia Bar Association in 1996.

Senior Lawyers Division

The Senior Lawyers Division (SLD) was formed to focus on issues of interest to senior lawyers, from health care, social security, financial planning, and housing to negotiating of counsel agreements and pro bono opportunities.

Young Lawyers Division

The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) was formed to help the newcomers to the legal profession make their way into the world of litigation.

Law Students Division

The Law Student Division was formed in 1999 for law students who will soon be practicing in the State of West Virginia.

Business Lawyers Division

The Business Lawyers Division (BLD) focuses on legal issues germane to commercial business operations, forms of ownership, business succession, laws that govern how business is conducted, employment and labor law, and many other aspects of business law.

Legal Assistants Division

According to the National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc., legal assistants (also known as paralegals) are defined as a distinguishable group of persons who assist in the delivery of legal services.

Legal Nurse Consultants Division

The West Virginia Bar Association, founded in 1886, invited legal nurse consultants to join as associate members in June of 2002. The association was the first to create a division for nurses specializing in legal nurse consulting. Within months, twenty-four LNCs joined the organization. On July 11, 2003 a special organizational meeting was held for the official founding of the LNC Division.

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Note: If you are signing up for membership to a division but think you are a WVBA member, please know we are not the West Virginia State Bar, where every practicing attorney is licensed and a member. We are a private association of attorneys, a wholly separate group from The West Virginia State Bar.