Real Estate Lawyers Division

The Real Estate Lawyers Division (RELD) of The West Virginia Bar Association (WVBA) was established in 1996 when an independent group of real estate lawyers from West Virginia decided to meld their organization into The WVBA. This close-knit and dynamic division focuses on issues related to the practice of real estate law in West Virginia (should we state “and surrounding areas.” In addition to topical updates, once a year the RELD hosts a real estate law conference, where members gain valuable continuing education, featuring expert presenters on a number of interesting and timely real estate-related issues. RELD members are charged a nominal special assessment (in addition to regular WVBA dues), to supplement the cost of this conference. If your legal practice is concerned with real estate law, you will find belonging to the RELD a smart investment.


Tammie C. Alexander
PO Box 1616
Charlestown, WV 26507
Phone: 304-598-8110
Fax: 304-598-8126

Business Lawyers Division

The Business Lawyers Division (BLD) focuses on legal issues germane to commercial business operations, forms of ownership, business succession, laws that govern how business is conducted, employment and labor law, and many other aspects of business law. This division provides a forum for lawyers whose practice areas fall in this broad category where they can share ideas and develop networks with other business lawyers. To facilitate these opportunities, the BLD hosts an annual business law conference.

Becoming a member of the BLD is a great opportunity to connect with and develop a network with lawyers throughout West Virginia and neighboring states who concentrate their practice in business law.


Christina T. Brumley
PO Box 553
Charleston, WV 25314
Phone: 304-343-1177
Fax: 304-340-1080

Senior Lawyers Division

The Senior Lawyers Division (SLD) focuses on a variety issues of interest to senior lawyers, from health care, social security, financial and estate planning, and pro bono opportunities. Members of the SLD may be asked to share their experience in the legal profession by serving as mentors to law students and young lawyers.

Becoming a member of the SLD is a great opportunity to continue actively working on current programs and issues of your concern, to share similar professional experiences, and to participate in future social and recreational activities with your friends and colleagues.


Richard E. Ford, Jr.
203 West Randolph Street
Lewisburg, WV 24901
Phone: 304-645-1858
Fax: 304-645-1918

Young Lawyers Division

The Young Lawyers Division (YLD) was formed to facilitate newcomers to the legal profession make their way into the practice law and the West Virginia legal community. The YLD hosts events during the year with intellectual and social emphasis that provide lawyers intellectual and social opportunity to mingle and develop networks among their peers and the juditiary that can help them learn and grow their legal practice.

As attorneys, the YLD see their profession as a calling to public service, and in that spirit will, from time to time, undertake volunteer activities in aid of their fellow man. Being a member of our YLD is a great experience that will benefit any young lawyer, professionally and socially.


Raymond L. Harrell, Jr.
707 Virginia Street E.
Suite 1300
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: (304) 357-9918
Fax: (304) 357-0919

Law Students Division

The Law Student Division (LSD) was formed in 1999 for law students who will soon be practicing in the State of West Virginia. LSD members have access to all WVBA members who act as a resource to professional and legal questions. The Senior Lawyers Division of the WVBA has formed a mentoring program for students who desire their legal expertise and wisdom. If you are a student at The West Virginia University College of Law, or other accredited school of law, you will benefit from being a member of the LSD.